• Feeling lost in the day-to-day struggle? 150557_188732067917967_1911255588_n
  • Looking for your inspiration?
  • Wondering how to bring it into your life and work ?
  • Ready to begin to make your life your own?
  • Ready to make progress?


I can facilitate and support your insight, clarity and confidence to achieve the change necessary to choose and create a life of active joy and meaning.

Give up the struggle now!

  • Find your Creative source.
  • If you’ve lost it, get it back. NOW!
  • Discover how to keep your creative juices flowing.
  • Understand the creative process. (Hint: it is not linear.)
  • Learn your own, unique source of creative flow.
  • Discover how to create the business you want.
  • Have a partner in your process.

What clients love about coaching with me:

Stefany was very funny and fun.  She made the coaching experience very positive and safe.  While she was very supportive, she was also honest and direct.   The best part is that she helped me find solutions or create goals that were achievable and that fit within my lifestyle.  I now recognize the true underlying causes of why I am a “work-a-holic.”  I’m working less and playing more while I am starting to achieve some of my goals.    

Stefany, thank you for being such a positive force in my life and for making a difference. I have learned that I can have balance in my life and still be successful at work.  

– Shelby Green, Leadership Learning & Development Consultant


I am filled with gratitude for the sensational wisdom that comes through Stefany.  When I began working with her, I was in a place of confusion and angst surrounding attempting to make things happen in my life.  My work with Stefany has brought me to a place of joy, contentment, and excitement to see what shows up next.

The outstanding quality that Stefany brings to coaching is her amazing ability to create and hold the space for me to allow who I truly am to come through.  She knows just the right questions to ask and the right tools to use to take me to where I want to go.  Having Stefany support me on my journey was a great decision! 

– Mary Ruth, Joyful Journeys

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