Coaching FAQ

Coaching FAQ

What makes Coaching successful?
The primary keys to a successful Coaching partnership are:

  • a good match between you and your Coach (you will know this when it happens),
  • your willingness to speak your truth,
  • your willingness to explore new possibilities, ideas, and practices,
  • the depth and clarity of your commitment,
  • a good working relationship which is based in mutual respect and trust, and
  • the Coach’s skill, intuition, presence and experience.

What if I don’t know what I want?
No problem!  Clarification of your true calling, your goals, your values and any other area of confusion or dissatisfaction is an important part of the Coaching process.  Your new clarity becomes the basis for taking the actions that move you toward the life, work, and relationships that you are seeking.

What if I know what I want, but I don’t know where to start?
Coaching is a perfect place to figure that out.  Often this kind of confusion is a result of fear, avoidance and/or overwhelm.  You will be supported in knowing what is right for you and in taking the small steps that overcome blocks and resistance and eventually lead to success.

Why do I have to pay for a month at a time?
Paying up front for a month at a time helps you and your Coach to maintain focus and a strong relationship without any distractions.   It is an important component of the client’s commitment to coaching and action between calls.  More often than not, it is what happens between the calls that determines your ultimate success – much like taking a class which you pay for up front and for which you do your homework in order to get the full benefit.  Without the commitment, your active follow through and accountability generally lose any power and your success is limited.   The program and level of commitment that best suits your needs is determined in the first conversation.  This agreement can be re-assessed and negotiated at any time before the beginning of the new month.

How long do most people work with a Coach?
This varies greatly from just 1 or 2 months to several years.  It is entirely dependent on the Client’s needs, agenda and satisfaction with the relationship.

Who decides what we talk about?
You are always in control of the agenda and focus of the call and the relationship.  It is a collaborative partnership devoted to the success of you and your vision.

Can I stop any time?
Of course……Ideally, the end of the coaching relationship is by mutual agreement after some discussion.  This usually includes a final 1-2 sessions for assessment & closure.  It is not uncommon for a client to choose to take a break and come back a month or more later.   Sometimes a client will stop and then some months or even a year later return for more Coaching.

What if I know what I want to do, but never seem to get around to it – for years even?
If you are finally ready to make a commitment to yourself and your dream, then you are ready for Coaching!  This is, in fact, an ideal time to seek out a Coach in order to overcome your habits of resistance or avoidance and develop new habits that move you toward achieving what you want.

What if I think I am ready, but I am scared or nervous?
Fear is just excitement without oxygen. So, there is no reason to let the fear stop you, unless, of course, you are being chased by a tiger. Coaching will help you to keep making progress while moving through the fear and gaining the confidence you need.

Is it necessary that I work with a Coach that is an expert in my field of interest or work?
No.  An expert in your field of work is really a consultant.  A Coach does not need to know the details of your field.  Rather a Coach must be a good fit for who you are, how you function and what you wish to achieve – someone that you trust.  With a good working relationship, the Coach can support you to succeed in whatever you choose to pursue, including brainstorming with you around how to find the resources you need.

What happens if I am late or miss a call?
Rescheduling a regular call must be done at least 24 hours in advance.  Otherwise, only under exceptional circumstances will make up calls or refunds be arranged.  If you call in late, the call will be shortened by the amount of time that you are late.

What if I need to talk to you between the regularly scheduled calls?
Between regular calls, you also receive unlimited email support and occasional phone calls for emergencies or unexpected celebrations.  If needed, an extra call can be scheduled.


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