Coaching Options

What reasons cause people to find a Coach?

How do I begin?

Below are some of the options available to you as starting points for Coaching.  No matter what your goal or issue, I have developed models for exploration, choice, and practice that will support you in progressing toward your goal.  Usually it does not matter where you start.  All paths chosen with genuine commitment lead to truth and growth. See my model for Practicing Choice in the Resources Section.


Give Up the Struggle!
Tired and frustrated by the apparently endless and unavoidable struggle to live your own life?  Time to give it up! Expect this to take at least 6 months.

  • develop new ways to live in delight
  • take the actions for your satisfaction and success
  • rediscover your source of joy and inspiration
  • learn to how to drop-in with ease at any time and under any circumstances
  • take control of your life and your state of mind

Creative Joy
Find the Clarity, Confidence & Joy to renew, trust and act on your deep creative source, in life, work or play.

  • 6 months to a more genuinely happy life
  • evidence based process & exercises from Positive Psychology
  • powerful model for successfully creating new habits
  • deepen your creative process and release your gift to its purpose in the world
  • learn to find flow more often, more easily, and more reliably


Take 3-6 months to learn how to Center in your Truth and access your source of clarity, confidence and joy with ease and reliability in order:

  • to weather the storm,
  • to find calm and clarity despite overwhelm,
  • to know joy and health beyond the immediate stress,
  • to find peace of mind and heart in the midst of trouble, chaos or change.


Knowing and Living Your Truth
Commit to at least three months of Coaching in order to:

  • learn how to know your truth at any time & in any circumstances
  • discover your true calling
  • explore the joy of living your gifts
  • learn new habits and practices
  • increase your day-to-day delight and satisfaction in any aspect of your life
  • Ÿ  begin the adventure of pursuing your truth


Growth and Inspiration for Business Owners                                                             Get the support and feedback you need to stay on top of your game with your business.  Minimum 6 months commitment.

  • Reconnect with your original inspiration to go into business
  • Become deeply accountable to both yourself and your business
  • Develop the support and systems that will get you where you want to go
  • Grow your business to the level you want without sacrificing your life and wellbeing


Performance Coaching for Actors, Speakers, Creatives                                          Get the support and feedback you need to stay on top of your game with both your gifts and your business as a performer.

  • improve your vocal expression
  • deepen your presence
  • speak to your audience with confidence, ease, and impact
  • expand your repertoire
  • access your spontaneity
  • prepare for auditions
  • learn new techniques and sharpen your skills
  • make real progress in ‘the business’


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