Group Coaching Programs

Group Coaching Programs

  • 3 calls per month
  • Maximum 8 people per group
  • Focus or theme determined by participants
  • Buddy & email support between calls
  • Phone Bridge line provided for the calls – you pay long distance charges
  • $97/month per person
  • Minimum 3 month commitment allows trust and group dynamics to develop
  • Can be combined with individual coaching


Benefits of Group Coaching:

  • Very affordable – significantly less expensive than individual coaching.
    You get the additional benefit of being a part of a learning community.  Everyone learns from everyone.
  • You have each other as resources outside of the group calls.  You are expected to connect with at least one other person in the group between the regular calls.  This offers additional support and learning opportunities as well as creating a deeper, and potentially ongoing, connection.
  • Group synergy, in an atmosphere of mutual respect and shared concerns, results in more possibilities and points of view to consider.  The whole is truly greater than the sum of its parts!
  • Whether or not the group comes together with a common theme, invariably common themes emerge creating a wonderful context for connection, bonding, learning and personal growth.
  • Accountability for your commitments and actions is powerfully reinforced by the group enthusiasm for you and your vision.
  • This can be arranged for a group that already know each other and want to work together or for people that have never met before.  Either approach can be equally effective.
  • Add one individual Coaching session per month for additional focus and progress at low cost

To inquire about a group that you wish to put together or

To discuss what you want to achieve with group coaching


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