Individual Coaching Programs

Individual Coaching Programs

All programs include unlimited email support and limited phone conversations between regular calls.

High Focus for Rapid Success
Create a strong base of support and a high level of accountability for steady, reliable progress. This is the best way to begin when you are new to Coaching and the best way to stay on top of your progress and success.
-Four 45 minute calls per month

Basic Program
Achieve high focus and progress similar to what is described above, but allow yourself a breather for a week each month.
-Three 45 minute calls per month

Supporting Independence
The Coaching has been a success! You’ve made a lot of progress and gained confidence in your ability to follow through on your own.  You’ve acquired new habits and skills.  You trust yourself and your vision and feel ready to test them.
-Two 45 minute calls per month

Maintenance Program
You are on a roll!  You want to stay connected to deal with issues that come up, but you know that you are living the life you want and are confident in your own abilities.
–One 45-60 minute call per month

Just-in-time Coaching
Frequency and timing of the Coaching calls are determined by the client as needed. The session happens at the time of the request, if possible. Otherwise, an appointment is made within 24 hours.  The actual fee varies according to the needs of the client and expected frequency of contact.
– As needed

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