Practicing Choice

How to Practice Dropping-In for Choice

This is all about allowing – not ‘doing’ or ‘trying’.

Breathe & Allow Joy


This is when you allow yourself to drop-in to your core self where your creativity, truth and joy are available whenever you want.

If you do not know how to find this in yourself, contact me.  I can help you.  This is one of my specialties.

If you know your Creative Source within (core self, center) and know how to find your way there again, practice dropping-in to that place using the two models below.

Listen to yourself and notice what works. Allow. Then repeat as needed!

Be playful. Have fun.

Remember that inner critics (gremlins) are very serious and do not know how to play or have fun.


Routine Practice

Practice allowing yourself to drop-in routinely at a scheduled time every day and/or certain days of the week.  Just like meditation or prayer, or practicing an instrument or other skill.

Keep it simple, routine and brief as you begin.

As your skill and ability to drop-in improves, you develop your capacity for Spontaneous practice.


Spontaneous Practice

Notice & Develop awareness of Old Unwanted habits.  Know how you know them. Allow yourself to drop-in:

1.    Whenever you think of it.
2.    Whenever you realize that you are already there – centered and alive to the moment.
3.    Whenever you realize you are stuck in old patterns of thought and/or behavior:

  • interrupt yourself, stop
  • breathe, allow yoursel to observe, acknowledge, and disengage from the struggle (grmlin)
  • remember choice – be curious
  • choose to allow yourself to drop-in – use what works for you (images, physical sensations, memory, movement, smell…..)
  • if it continues to be a struggle, let go and move on – try again later
  • never abuse yourself for failing to drop-in – that’s part of the habitual struggle

When dropped-in take at least a few minutes to honor, celebrate, and enjoy.  Then simply go back to whatever you are doing, while allowing yourself to remain dropped-in for as long as it is easy.

Remember that the struggle is simply part of the old pattern – one of the ways in which you engage with the habit and stay stuck.

Keep it playfull: Seriousness is an invitation to gremlins!
Allow the old patterns to become your valuable allies reminding you to drop-in.

~~~~~~~~~~~~Live in Joy even though you have all the facts.~~~~~~~~~~~~