Impulse Training

Impulse Workshops

Lose your mind & come to your senses!
With a background in acting, body-based psychotherapy & coaching, Stefany leads participants through breath, movement & sound work to discover & explore deep, inner knowing based in the body & the senses. New pathways to individual vitality, wisdom & creativity then become powerful resources for a life of passion & delight.

Body Wisdom
This breath, movement & sound work reconnects you to the sensations in your body. As you rediscover your body’s wisdom, these sensations become your resource for becoming fully present in yourself in the world right now. This is where you find the power, support & freedom inherent in your personal wisdom & creativity.

In Your Daily Life
You acquire skills and tools to apply this to your own life & work. The combination of experience & practice provides a structure for developing new habits & becoming more energized, calmer, less reactive & more responsive in your everyday life. It will provide you with pathways into your most centered & creative state & support you in deeper, richer processes while there.