My Motto: “Beauty is Truth, Truth beauty. That is all ye know on this earth and all ye need to know.”  –  John Keats, Ode to a Grecian Urn

I have a passion for and belief in an original ‘wildness’ of presence, authenticity, and freedom, and a deep inherent knowing uninhibited by society. This is what excites me and keeps me wide awake in service to the truth and beauty of human existence.

My specialty is facilitating my client’s clarity and action in order to realize her desire to finally know and live her own deepest truth. Clients usually experience tremendous relief and even joy as they release old patterns and practice new ones to create the change they are seeking.  Action follows with relative ease, confidence, and excitement.

My VIA Strengths:

  • Appreciation of beauty and excellence
  • Gratitude
  • Creativity
  • Curiosity
  • Intuition & Perspective
  • Generosity & Kindness
  • Enthusiasm & Vitality
  • Humor

I am widely read, intelligent, creative, enthusiastic, passionate, and become richly alive and present when engaged with others whether as a friend, a Coach, a teacher, or an actress.  Raised as a Quaker in Pennsylvania and Maryland, I had the good fortune to attend Quaker schools for most of my education.  Growing up in the middle of a large family and being of an intense nature, I struggled with perfectionism and serious seriousness.

I am grateful for the life I lead now, having found a peace beyond the rage, fear and judgment by which I once lived.  I now celebrate my ongoing growth and curiosity about life, people, and creativity.  I practice delight, joy, quiet depth, and laughter as a way of life.  Forgiveness has become a gift to give away and grace a gift to invite to stay.  Gratitude is the hallmark of a good day and a good life.

With over 30 years experience acting in live theater, I now combine my extensive knowledge of performance, communication, and the creative process with my training in somatic learning, personal development, and business for my work as a Coach, Teacher, Collaborator, and Actress.  With a BA in Communications from the University of New Mexico,  and PCC certification from the International Coach Federation, I am a graduate of the Mentor Coach and Authentic Happiness Coaching programs.

While Coaching, speaking, and collaborating on a variety of creative efforts, I continue to be actively involved in the local theater scene, and in the New Mexico Chapter of the International Coach Federation having served on the Board for several years in the past.


CALL NOW:  Stefany at 505-474-3752 or stefany@sensationalwisdom .com