Written by Paige Allison, PHD, Anthropologist/Educator

You truly helped me to make this happen. I could have done this without you, but not NEARLY as sanely and eloquently as it happened. I look forward to continuing our work together.

Written by Elaine Pinkerton, author of Beast of Bengal

Stefany helped me think outside the box, avoid blind alleys, and open up possibilities within my own vision for my screenplay. Before we began work, Stefany helped me clarify goals. Always available for consultation between our sessions, she set up healthy deadlines. No stress, just productivity. Together, we transformed dialogue that had been flat and lifeless. Every needless line was cut, every exchange carried the action forward. Working with Stefany was dynamic, fun, inspiring and exciting. She turned work into play.

Written by Kathy Trickey, MSEd, PCC www.ktglobalassociates.com

When I think of the people that I love to bounce ideas around with, Stefany is the first one that comes to mind. She can go far beyond the typical expectations of brainstorming and bound creatively to new heights. Her creative ideas come instantaneously and are right on the mark. Her enthusiasm and great ideas get my own creativity flowing and give me the confidence to take the next – often bold and always logical – steps.

Written by A. B.

The sessions were invaluable, and best of all the work we did became immediately applicable to every aspect of my life. So although we only spent 30 minutes or so together each week, the process through which you led me during each session carried me into continued growth and development throughout each week. I’m still using insights you shared with me and exercises you taught me to revitalize parts of my life, and I’m sure I’ll use those processes forever. Thank you so much for helping me grow, not by giving me all the answers, but by helping me define the right questions.

Written by S.H., Actor & Director

Stefany not only opens numerous doors of possibility in terms of exploring your personal & creative aspirations, she also helps you make concrete choices in your daily life to help you fulfill and achieve them. She creates an environment of safety and trust which allowed me the freedom to take risks.

Written by M.N., Artist

What I received out of the experience was a renewed sense of clarity and direction, as well as a reminder of how powerful it is to live from the center core of a fully inhabited body. Many thanks.

Written by A. D. S., Business Woman

Thank you so much! Your business is so appropriately named……. Sensational Wisdom indeed!

Written by J. S., Advocate & Seeker

Stefany has a strong, out-there spirit and I never know what is coming my way since I met her. She reminds me that the universe is not always by design, but by discovery. She taps my “take a risk” side and I am very grateful for her willingness to honor my cautionary side while edging me on.

Written by J. B., Coach

Wow! You are really good! That was beautiful work.

Written by Kathy Trickey, MSEd, PCC

One day I was in serious need of a big shift in my thinking and approaches. I was quite scattered and frustrated, on the verge of tears for seemingly no reason, yet had enough wits about me to schedule a “retreat day” for myself and by myself. I started the day with Stefany coaching me for an hour. She used many wonderful skills, and especially her superb intuition. The icing on the cake, however, was an exercise she used to get me to “drop in” to my true needs, emotions and desires. She helped me journey over terrain that I have either left unexplored or barely touched on, as, every time I’d go there, I’d butt up against memories I didn’t want to see. With her skillful, perceptive and nonjudgmental coaching, she took me home to that place in myself where I am at peace and where I am truly at my very best. She taught me how to access that place whenever I want to. Interestingly, I didn’t need much more time in my “retreat day,” as the reflection, healing, and resulting choices happened in that short – yet profound – hour. Thank you, Stefany! Kathy Trickey